An Eye Opening Experience

I will never forget the face of a 3 year old boy in the streets of Zimbabwe, crying and begging for what he saw me carrying from my hotel: a bottle of water. Something we take for granted and often discard before it’s empty because it’s no longer cold – and all he wanted was a drink of water.  I was naive in thinking the biggest need for the villagers in this poor country was food. It is water – the source of life and for the people we help, it is renewed hope.

Tim Rosshirt


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Saving Lives One Well at a Time

The Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation, Inc. helps to permanently bring clean drinking water in rural areas of Zimbabwe, Africa for those who have no local access to clean water. Our efforts and successes depend entirely on donations and volunteers.

As of today, the Rosshirt Water For Africa Foundation is providing clean safe water to over 2,500 people per day, for life...Find Out More

Water for Africa Clean water for Africa

Water Well in Africa

Clean Water for Africa

Clean water is crucial for life and health. It helps prevent the spread of cholera and dysentery that are epidemic in Zimbabwe, Africa today.  A single well in a village can free women from the daily burden of carrying water - often as far as twenty miles for their families, and it nourishes life-sustaining vegetable gardens. 



We operate efficiently and effectively because we are a direct service with low overhead costs and we depend upon our dedicated volunteers.  We personally oversee every step of the way - from donor contributions to a completed well.

A single well can provide clean water for hundreds in a single village. The cost of a single well is $7,500.

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In 2012, we drilled four new wells in remote villages of Zimbabwe – bringing the total to seven wells that each day are serving more than 2,500 people.

There were two main goals with this most recent project: to raise enough funds to build three wells (and we exceeded that goal) and to direct the construction of these wells in Zimbabwe villages most in need. Thanks to the leadership of the Moritz Family Foundation, both objectives were met beyond our expectations. Without doubt, the Moritz Family Foundation’s support influenced other donors to step forward, but most important, it directly affected the lives of thousands of Zimbabweans.
It is hard to forget the outpouring of gratitude expressed by the families who, until now, had to walk miles for clean water. We met villagers who had benefited from the first wells (referred to as boreholes) constructed by the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation in 2009. At one of the boreholes, a group of men gathered to thank us for giving them free, accessible, clean water. They shared how having clean water protected them from deadly cholera, improved their skin, and made cooking and hygiene sanitary for them. It was a humbling experience, especially considering how easy it is for an American to take water for granted. Best of all, the men told us that 400 people were using the well, far exceeding our projection of 100. This news confirmed our greatest hope: we are saving lives.

What a difference we have made to hundreds of families. Knowing that we are saving lives and improving living conditions by giving clean water is so rewarding. You can read about our journeys and successes in the 2012 newsletter.

Over $100,000 raised. Seven wells drilled, providing more than 2,500 people of Zimbabwe every day with life-sustaining clean water!

•    Purchased and distributed thousands of pounds of maize meal (grain) – nearly six semi-truckloads were passed out.
•    Gave educational resources for children and teachers.
•    Helped with the cost of school tuition.
•    Purchased groceries for over 100 families.
•    Donated hundreds of personal hygiene products, including toothbrushes and toothpaste.
•    Provided financial support to AIDS hospice care.
•    Built 7 wells that are giving at least 2,500 people per day clean water for life. The four new wells drilled in 2012 also have electric pumps!

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