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Saving lives… One well at a time.

Our mission is to save the lives of people in under-developed areas of Zimbabwe by providing access to clean and sanitary water through the drilling and routine maintenance of deep wells.

Since completing our first mission trip in 2006, RWFAF has achieved far more than we ever thought possible. Together, we have drastically improved the lives and livelihood of more than 25,000 people of Zimbabwe every day!

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Our success continues because of the donations and caring of the wonderful donors and grantors who financially support the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation, Inc. 

"I will never forget the face of a young boy in the streets of Zimbabwe during my first mission trip, crying and begging for what he saw me carrying in my hand … a bottle of water. A simple bottle of water that we take for granted and often discard because the water is no longer cold. All this little boy wanted was a drink of water."

-Executive Director, Tim Rosshirt

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